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"Discover 11 Companies Begging to Hire You
to Drive their Clients to Medical Appointments in Your Car"
"Become Your Own Boss In 30-Days Earning Enough To Be Financially Free In 12 Months"
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DEAR FRIEND, It’s true; you can start to
make serious cash without going to back to
school to learn a new skill, marketing to find clients, or buying expensive equipmen
Here’s why…

In your back yard, there are companies who if they just knew your phone number would call you up with work as often as you’d want it once you learn how to reach them and exactly what they expect of you.

As long as you have a well-working, clean vehicle; you can be part of the private transportation industry without getting a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) or investing in a limo or taxi cab.
You’ll Be In Business For Yourself, But
Not Buy Yourself…
While starting a business is many people’s dreams, the fact of the matter is most businesses fail within the first year.

The top reasons why is the new business owner didn’t have enough starting capital (that’s money to start and grow the business), they lacked specialized knowledge about business, and they didn’t have a coach or mentor.

However, with this business opportunity, you won’t need much if any capital to start because you already have your car.

Nor will you need to go to business school, because the marketing and operations side of the business will be handled by those 11 companies.

Yes, they are in desperate need of you and you’ll meet them all in the only guide designed to put you in the driver’s seat “On the Road to Financial Freedom”.

Of course, the Road to Financial Freedom Course cover’s a whole lot more than just giving you the…
11 Companies Ready to Pay You on
Average $2.50 a MILE
We or #1 in the PNEMT Home_Based Business
Opportunity Help Your To Become Your own Boss
in 30 Days !
Workers Compensation Insurance: the Road to Financial Freedom manual &CD cover’s reimbursement for transporting people hurt (on the job)who need to get to and from physical therapy and related medical appointments. Workers Comp is one of the few forms of insurance that reimburses for PNEMT and can be an awesome source of revenue that also pays extremely well.

Road to Financial Freedom manual & CD specialize ONLY cater to Workers Comp because the reimbursements are just that profitable! Workers Comp is a great opportunity to work from your home with a car.
image2_1…to transport folk to their medical appointments (like physical therapy or rehab or even a check up for an elderly person).

Keep in mind, over the road truckers who have a lot of special obligations and are gone for days at a time only earn 28-cents a mile to start.

And in just a moment you’ll discover many of the key benefits you’ll get when you make a positive decision to get started with this program…

For now,
Do the Math for Yourself And See
the Opportunity
Say you’re given a client from one of the 11 companies you’ll meet in this program. You can call her, “Brenda”. Brenda lives near you and she’s 10 miles away from her appointment. Now that drive will take you between 15 and 20 minutes time; heck, say you catch a train and it takes 30 minutes—each way. That’s an hour round trip. The trip is 20 miles and that means with the average rate across the US (some places it’s higher, some it’s lower) of $2.50; you just made $50/hour. Now if you’re paying attention you may ask yourself…
What About the Time Just Sitting Around?
After all, even if you only see the doctor for a few minutes and arrive to your appointment on time; you’ve personally experienced long wait times, right?

Well, part of your agreement with those 11 companies will include compensation for waiting on Brenda…

Think about this.

If you like the idea of getting paid to listen to music on your car stereo, read magazines or novels, even solve Sudoku puzzles; you’ve found the perfect opportunity with “Private, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation” (abbreviated PNEMT), though after you start doing you might abbreviate it BANK!)

The best part is, you can do this without any medical training or skills.

You can do it in your family car. You can do it when you want taking only the calls that come when it’s best for you and your lifestyle.

At this point you might be wondering…
So, What’s the Catch...
With an opportunity to be making a solid income working at your own schedule there’s a natural tendency to look for the “catch”.
First, here are some things you might wonder

Can this be started in the recession or when many people are looking for jobs

Absolutely, while the recession has increased the interest in NEMT as an option, most people simple don’t know the 11 businesses you need to know to get as many clients as you want without lifting a finger.

Furthermore, many of the most successful businesses you know started during a recession. And, your positive decision to get started right here, right now put you in the highly likely to succeed category because you avoid those reasons most businesses fail.

Are there opportunities where you live or would you have to move?

There is desperate need for more PNEMT drivers in all 50 states and the 11 “business partners” who will get you the clients work in every city across the nation.

Think about it, if there are people anywhere. Some of them need to get to a medical appointment and need a ride.

Will it take a long time to understand this business?

You’ve been driving most of your adult life. You already know that part of the business. The rest of the business is largely handled by those 11 “business partners” who actually find the clients for you.
Now, most folk who have started with the program say they take as little as a day and as much as a week to go through get through the “Road to Financial Freedom” system.

What’s so great about that is, if you need money for your mortgage THIS MONTH, you can be earning next week!

So, what is the catch?

Simply this, it’s such a poorly known way to make money and such a profitable one that you might remain skeptical. So, if you put yourself in the mindset and be a doubter, then you may miss this opportunity when it’s right in front of you.

Of course, that means you will continue to have the same financial troubles, uncertain future, and disappointing prospects.
However, if you do the right thing, here’s what you’ll discover on The Road to Financial Freedom
Everything You Need to Have the 11 Professional Partners Bring You New Leads,
New Business, and New Opportunities
To be a part of this recession proof, high paying business on your own schedule and terms, you might expect to pay $999 in licensing fees or take a $499 course. However, you can get the complete system to put you on “The Road to Financial Freedom” for only $97.00. To have it send to you right away, go ahead…! Think about it, if you’re in need of a reliable source of income and you miss this opportunity, you’re not saving $97.00, you’re losing $50.00 an hour outcomes. That is, after less than part-time commitment during one day, this program will completely pay for itself. On top of that,…

You Get A Special Free $637.97
In Bonus Support &
Upgrades, Today

“Here’s A Quick SNEAK PEEK of What You’ll Discover Inside
The Road To Financial Freedom Manual…”
  • Discover how to finally say GOODBYE to your dreaded 9-5 day job, and say HELLO to being your own boss, making your own hours and making easy money!
  • Find out 5 TRICKS to increase your own revenue. Even using just one or two of these tricks will BOOST your overall earnings!
  • On page 55 in The Road To Financial Freedom you’ll discover the simple 2-letter word that is holding you back from this amazing career (Hint: It’s NOT the word “No”)
  • Learn how to get paid even if you DON’T give a client a ride to their appointment. Yes, it’s true, and once you see how it’s done…you’ll be shocked at how simple it is!
  • Discover the 13 dead-simple and realistic responsibilities you’ll need to have massive success as a PNEMT driver. These are easier than you think!
  • Find out overcome your fears, limitations and doubts to get over the hurdle to the success you deserve the most. See page 49 in the manual!
  • Understand the 9 SIMPLE VEHICL STANDARDS your car must meet in order to start driving as a PNEMT driver. I reveal all 9 of these on page 11.
  • Learn the importance of “logging”, what to do if your client is a child, and the ONE time you’ll never have to drive a client anywhere (this will surprise you!)
  • Discover the 6-letter word that you NEVER want to let slip from your lips as a PNEMT driver. Doing this could jeopardize your success!
  • Find out the 4 different rate terms you’ll be paid, who will pay you and when, plus so much more. Understanding these terms are critical to knowing how it all works!
  • Discover the extremely powerful, Multiple-Streams-Of-Cash-Flow Strategy that will put even more profits in your pockets!
  • Learn how to only work only 17 hours per week, and make a really nice full-time income along the way. You’ll consider your work not even a “job” because it’s so easy!
Your Positive Decision is Covered by the
30 Days to Success Double Guarantee
First, on the day you receive your priority shipped program, open up to the list of the 11 partner businesses that will get you the clients and get you on the Road to Financial Freedom.

Call up any one of them, if they say “We don’t need any drivers”, drop the materials off in the mail and you’ll get a complete refund.

Second, enjoy all the bonuses including the mentorship and support for 30 days and if you’re not satisfied with your new found success, you don’t pay!

Simply return the manual and CD and you’ll get a prompt and complete refund. It couldn’t be fairer than that, right? So with this understanding and the double guarantee, go ahead…!
Here’s a more detailed look at what all these bonuses
and support include…
  • Free Upgrade to Priority Shipping by the USPS a $10 Value
  • Bonus Quick Start CD – Your Super-Fast NEMT “GPS” to the Profits. $40 Value
  • On-Going Coaching and Support - $587.97 Value
PS Finally, you’ll not only be on the Road to Financial Freedom, but you’ll also be making a huge positive difference in your community you can feel great about. So go ahead and start earning a serious wage doing serious good.

PPS Remember, your availability and dedication will determine your results. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is a road to financial freedom, and how you travel it will just how quickly you reach your destination. And, the only way to reach is is to get started to today so go ahead and order now.
Take advantage of this offer while it’s still available!
However, if you do the right thing, here’s what
you’ll discover on The Road to Financial
Become Your Own Boss In 30-Days Earning Enough To Be Financially Free In 12 Months
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